CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16 Sustainability and the Environment

Georgia TolleyHotHouse

Round table discussions at HotHouse Sustainability and the Environment event

On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of February, The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries held the second session of the CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16 focusing on the theme of Sustainability and the Environment.

On early Friday 5th, seventeen colleagues from across the University of Portsmouth travelled to Marwell Hotel, Hampshire for an intensive 24 hours of innovative thinking. The CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16 was developed by the Faculty’s Enterprise and Innovation team, led by Professor Joan Farrer, Associate Dean (Enterprise and Innovation). The sessions will provide an opportunity for interaction and collaboration between researchers both from within CCI and the wider University for transdisciplinary engagement.

The programme encourages colleagues to refine their research, innovation and enterprise projects, in order to maximise the probability of success and lead to broader applications of their work. Developed with external facilitators from commercial backgrounds, the HotHouse is not only a place for knowledge transfer but also for learning based on systems thinking, systems practice and other proven business strategies to assist in the expansion of the research and innovation culture within CCI.

Professor Joan Farrer said ‘The second CCI HotHouse Sustainability and the Environment posed different questions and challenges to the first event. The team and external facilitators are reflecting on the excellent discussions that took place from a wide variety of colleagues and disciplinary areas, who’s expertise manifested itself in different ways. We look forward to developing this strategic cluster.’

The CCI HotHouse Programme 15/16 will continue with the final session on Future and Emerging Technologies (26th/27th February ’16). This will be followed up and explored further in The Sandpit Sessions, details to TBA.

It is an exciting time for the CCI Enterprise and Innovation team as they continue to grow and expand their community of learners.