Funding Secured for DERMA Project

Professor Joan FarrerDERMA

Funding Secured for DERMA Project

The staff at CCI have successfully secured funding for the upcoming DERMA project (Design of Enabling-Regenerative MAterials).

Interreg 2 Seas will support the 3-year project, which is 60% funded with a total budget of €2.7 million. The project begins in early October, with Professor Joan Farrer as University of Portsmouth‘s Principle Investigator in the project, which is to be led by the University of Brighton. Other partners in the scheme include the University of Ghent, Eurasante, WSX Enterprise, Welland Medical, FlandersBio and the Blonde McIndoe Research Foundation.

With the expertise of professionals including clinicians, scientists, designers and healthcare providers, DERMA aims to produce new smart material and technological dressings for use in the management and treatment of chronic non-healing wounds, dermal ulcers and stomas – aiming to address patient needs whilst reducing healthcare costs.

Aspects of the design include a diagnostic element of the dressing, which will indicate the state of the healing wound and give a visual indication as to when the dressing needs changing. Ongoing dialogue between users, care providers and technologists will ensure the project meets its brief.