Enterprise and Innovation Ambassador – March to May 2017

Charlie IcetonStudent Placement

Innovolvement Fashion Hack Revolution, Charlie Iceton and Jaelithe Swan working on a garment

In the time since my last update, Innovolvement has hosted three more sessions: Urban Ecosystems, Team Go and Fashion Hack Revolution.

Urban Ecosystems was a great success pulling in a huge crowd of students, academics and external guests. We had five guest speakers – including students, doctors and outside companies. It followed a similar format as Operation: Food Waste and received an excellent reception.

Team Go was a more intimate discussion gathering where attendees explored ways to encourage individual involvement in sports and the benefits of the activity. Discussions examined the barriers stopping students from taking part in sports currently, and allowed attendees the chance to offer solutions to combat these issues. We were then joined by Dr Paul Gorczynski who spoke about the benefits of people joining sports teams and ways to encourage students to join a sports team. He referenced the social aspect of engaging in sports and its role in helping with mental health.

In conjunction with Fashion Revolution Week, Innovolvement hosted Fashion Hack on the Monday and Wednesday. I opened the PreHack with a brief overview of what the group is and what we do, which was followed by Tom Clulee, who gave a short presentation on previous work created at Fashion Hack and the importance of technology being used in conjunction with fashion. This got the creative juices flowing and innovative ideas were flying all over the place. The HackDay included various garments being re-purposed with a technology element. One particular success was a jacket that heated up if attached to a battery. This was developed by adding thermal wiring, covered by protective tape, on the inner seam of the jacket.

To keep up-to-date with the latest Innovolvement news, please join our Facebook group here. This is also a great place to interact with fellow members and discuss the issues surrounding the themes of past and future events.

Aside for Innovolvement, I have been working on numerous other tasks. One in particular success was the project leaflet for an Interreg 2 Seas funded project named DERMA (Design of Enabling Regenerative Materials). It took a long time to get a design which suited the department correctly, though I feel the final output is of a professional quality.

I have also continued to expand and maintain the Enterprise & Innovation web presence, working on various platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This has been an excellent learning curve for me as I will most likely be working with these platforms in future jobs in the creative industry.

To conclude, I now feel very comfortable in my role and am confident that I can achieve any tasks given to me in the coming months.