Transmedia Storytelling with Simon Wilkinson

Jaelithe SwanPONToon

Transmedia storytelling with Simon Wilkinson

The CCI PGRS Cohort are delighted to welcome Simon Wilkinson to the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, on Thursday 20th July, to deliver a lecture and workshop on transmedia storytelling, using a live project as a case study.

Simon Wilkinson is a British transmedia artist. His work incorporates audio visual, installation, Virtual Reality, Electronic music, and online and performance media, often combining all of these forms simultaneously. Wilkinson describes transmedia as ‘the practice of telling a story through multiple platforms; so that, for example, instead of making a website ‘about’ the theatre piece, the website becomes an embedded part of the narrative.’

He often uses transmedia platforms in order ‘to disrupt consensus reality and immerse audiences in experiences which blur the line between truth and fiction.’

Wilkinson, who currently produces work as Circa 69, has featured in Tate Modern’s Merge Festival (2011) and at many international festivals.

Simon has been described as “one of the most notable names in Europe to be dealing with VR” by Cineuropa Magazine. To find out more about his work, click here.

Simon guest lectures at a large number of international universities including Netherlands Film Academy, Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art, Bilkent University Ankara, Lima University of Technology and Engineering London College of Communication and a number of UK universities. He was the lead facilitator on British Council’s Transmedia Thinktank in Venezuela 2016 and in 2017 was a resident at Cambridge University’s Centre for the Future of Intelligence exploring the use of artificial intelligence in his practice.

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Hosted by Carolyn Watt, a first year PhD student in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, School of Art and Design and Enterprise and Innovation. Carolyn’s research explores social circus (community-based circus activity) enhanced by digital technologies to foster female empowerment. This PhD is partly funded by the Interreg 5A France (Channel) England research project PONToon (Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN), where her research plays a small but crucial part.

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