PONToon team travel to Amiens

Charlie IcetonPONToon

pontoon Amiens event attendees

At the end of March 2018, members of the PONToon team from the University of Portsmouth travelled to our project partner Amiens Métropole for a cross-border workshop focusing on training and upskilling partners, ambassadors and beneficiaries.

The PONToon is funded by the Interreg FCE program of the ERDF (European Fund for Economic and Regional Development), the most important financial funder of the European Union. PONToon stands for Partnership Opportunities using New Technogies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN. Simply put the project provides: partnership opportunities using new technologies to promote social and economic inclusion. It is specifically designed to promote collaboration between European regions on defined areas of shared experiences and issues.

“The project took a year and a half of preparation. 1600 women aged 18 to 35 are involved during the three-year project period. These women are inexperienced with the digital skills needed when applying for job vacancies and this project is about giving them the means to upskill themselves, to invigorate their career by creating digital tools that they need experience with (like apps, 3D virtual reality, mapping, games, etc)” said Caroline Duchet, Head of Development and Integration Services at Amiens Métropole.

The event lasted four days in total which included various activities to keep everyone busy for the time they attended. Monday 26th March 2018 was hosted at Hôtel de ville where the steering committee was led by the University of Portsmouth. Each work package leader gave a presentation discussing their contribution to the project thus far, and their plans for the coming months. There was also time for the data collected so far to be discussed alongside the risk and issue log.

The next day was located at Quai de l’innovation which included a co-creation workshop designed by Toby Meredith (University of Portsmouth) and the rest of the Media Production Centre team.

For the third day of the week we were back at Hôtel de ville and it was Ambassador Training Day. Led by Amiens, the day consisted of presentations from the partners who taught different subjects to the attendees. The first presentation was given by TRAJECTIO who discussed objectives and trainings. This was swiftly followed by ADICE giving a presentation of an online tool designed to valorise competences of target groups. The after a short coffee break, UoP presented their app and workshop development, Aspex informed us of their actions and objectives which was then followed by PADMA discussing networking and recruitment of beneficiaries.

The evening event was held at the Quai de l’innovation where cluster groups meet to form ideas and work together in a creative space. We were lucky enough to have four of these companies present their work to us at the evening event. The Amiens start up clusters included innovative companies who presented their works. ITERACODE accompanies businesses and products by combining advice on digital transformation and customized development. Octus presented their concepts of transforming heritage through collaboration of 3d modelling to reveal lost treasures within the city of Amiens such as the Gallo-Roman Ampitheatre. L’Administratif.com led by Loane Borgne aims to make life easier for companies using an online assistants for admin, HR, communication and paperwork. The presentation from Veralty explained how they created a virtual reality room in Amiens for companies and individuals to experience gaming within a virtual setting. They also had their equipment on display for guests to try out!

On the final day we were treated to a mental health workshop led by the national trainer for charity Plymouth Mind, Richard Wakerell. All the partners greatly benefited from the session led by PADMA and are looking forward to more session that will benefit both the partnership and collaborators of the PONToon project.

The whole event was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone involved!