Innovation Accelerator Awards fund Pompey Writes anthology

Joni RhodesEnterprise and Innovation

On Wednesday 3rd October the University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries hosted the launch of the latest Pompey Writes book, featuring the very best content from Star & Crescent, Portsmouth’s only independent, non-commercial news, culture and commentary website.

The project, coordinated by Dr Tom Sykes, was kick-started by the Innovation Accelerator Award grant offered as part of the Faculty’s Enterprise and Innovation programme. The funding was used to design, edit, produce and market Pompey Writes,, an anthology of the best writing and visual material from the Star and Crescent website dating back over the last two years. The anthology was created both as an ebook and a physical codex book.

Far from being a one-off event, Pompey Writes signals the beginning of an ongoing, sustainable enterprise, enhancing the partnership between CCI and Star & Crescent. Future publications, be they artistic monographs or creative writing projects, would foster even greater collaboration between CCI and the literary and artistic scene in wider Portsmouth.

For more information visit the website.