Introduction to Short Course

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Following its 2018 success, the University of Portsmouth and Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are pleased to announce the return of the Introduction to Drawing Course. The course will start on the 15th of January and will be running on Tuesday evenings between 18.00 and 20.00 for 10 weeks in Eldon Building. The class will introduce you to the fundamentals of drawing, you will explore different media, … Read More

Innovation Accelerator Awards fund Pompey Writes anthology

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On Wednesday 3rd October the University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries hosted the launch of the latest Pompey Writes book, featuring the very best content from Star & Crescent, Portsmouth’s only independent, non-commercial news, culture and commentary website. The project, coordinated by Dr Tom Sykes, was kick-started by the Innovation Accelerator Award grant offered as part of the Faculty’s Enterprise and … Read More

New Painting with Acrylics short course for CCI

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Are you a budding artist ready to embrace a new medium? Are you a keen painter that has let the creative fire burn out?  In October, The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are launching a brand new evening course that will introduce you to the medium of acrylics and its diverse qualities. You’ll practice using the paint on prepared canvas … Read More

DERMA – Diagnostic Dressing Animation

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DERMA diagnostic dressing artwork

The DERMA – Diagnostic Dressing created by the Media Production Center within the Facutly of Creative and Cultural Industries has been uploaded to the Interreg 2 Seas website. View it HERE! DERMA aims to design and develop innovative technologies for the prevention and management of chronic dermal wounds, to which elderly people and diabetics are especially vulnerable. Our work is … Read More

Award win for student films on deep vein thrombosis

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MPC team winning award for adverts

E&I’s Toby Meredith and CCI students have won a prestigious award for their work on patient information videos for the NHS.  Toby Meredith (left) with the NHS team Students created two videos and two animations highlighting best practice around preventing and living with DVT. The won first prize at the Anticoagulation Achievement Awards, which recognise innovation, excellence and outstanding practice … Read More

Activated carbon-plasticised agarose composite films for the adsorption of thiol as a model of wound malodour

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Conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and long-term immobilisation can precipitate the development of chronic dermal ulcers. Such wounds are associated with inflammation and bacterial contamination which in turn can lead to the liberation of offensive odours that cause patient embarrassment and, in some instances, social isolation. Activated carbon-containing dressings have been used to manage the odours from such wounds. … Read More