What is DERMA?

DERMA (Design of Enabling Regenerative MAterials) is an E2.7m EU Interreg 2 Seas project that has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund. The objective of DERMA is to develop new interventions for the management and treatment of dermal ulcers and other chronic non-healing wounds.

DERMA will design, develop and evaluate two novel wound dressings incorporating marine-sourced polymers – an odour-absorbing and antimicrobial wound dressing and a diagnostic wound dressing with the diagnostic capability to indicate wound status. The project will use the expertise of clinicians and designers from the outset, to transfer and advance our existing novel technologies to more refined products in response to market demands and patient needs. Product prototypes will be supported with instructional computer animations and films for end-users. Design progress and route-to- market will be documented using video diaries as an educational tool for other developers and users. Innovative communication methods will be used by the partners to collaborate on large scale public events to showcase D-STEM-B research in action.

By addressing market and patient need, the project will deliver advanced new technologies ready for exploitation by industry. Beneficiaries will be patients (improved treatment and quality of life), healthcare providers (better treatment options and cost savings), and regional industry (boost for innovation, blue economy and sales).

The DERMA Partners

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