Simon Wilkinson, Transmedia Artist
Circa 69

Transmedia Artist


Simon Wilkinson is a British transmedia artist. His work incorporates audiovisual, installation, Virtual Reality, electronic music, and online and performance media, often combining all of these forms simultaneously. Wilkinson describes transmedia as ‘the practice of telling a story through multiple platforms; so that, for example, instead of making a website ‘about’ the theatre piece, the website becomes an embedded part of the narrative.’ He often uses transmedia platforms in order ‘to disrupt consensus reality and immerse audiences in experiences which blur the line between truth and fiction.’ Wilkinson, who currently produces work as Circa 69, has featured in Tate Modern’s Merge Festival (2011) and at many international festivals.

Simon guest lectures at a large number of international universities including Netherlands Film Academy, Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art, Bilkent University Ankara, Lima University of Technology and Engineering London College of Communication and a number of UK universities. He was the lead facilitator on British Council’s Transmedia Thinktank in Venezuela 2016 and in 2017 was a resident at Cambridge University’s Centre for the Future of Intelligence exploring the use of artificial intelligence in his practice.

Claire Martin, Chief executive of Pompey in the Community (PITC)
Pompy in the Community (PITC)

Chief Executive


Clare has worked at Portsmouth FC for over 17 years and is immensely proud of what she has been able to achieve in that time; initially a teacher running The Pompey Study Centre and now CEO of Pompey in the Community. PiTC deliver coaching, education, inclusion and health programmes that all use the Portsmouth FC brand to engage and motivate participants. Each week, during term time, PiTC engages over 6,000 individuals.
There are very few women that work as CEOs in football and that creates its own challenges. However, Clare feels incredibly lucky to work for Pompey, having a role that can impact so positively. It’s not been an easy role at times but PiTC has not only survived but is now thriving. We have fantastic staff and a reputation of quality and excellence and we’re looking forward to an exciting few years ahead.

Rosa Fox, Developer at Government Digital Service
Rosa Fox
Government Digital Service



Rosa is a developer at Government Digital Service (GDS), currently working on the GOV.UK Search team. She has a background in music computing and has a Music Informatics degree from the University of Sussex. Rosa began the codebar Brighton chapter which has now been running free weekly coding workshops for people underrepresented in tech for 3 and a half years. She has run many events to encourage diversity in tech and has recently become a co-chair of the GDS Women’s network.

Martine Canu, Managing Director of TRAJECTIO
Martine Canu

Managing Director


Martine is has been the Managing Director of TRAJECTIO for the last 26 years, after 10 years as associate consultant for an HR company. She
studied Human Sciences at the University of Caen and then specialized in HR

More about TRAJECTIO:
The strategic positioning of specific support for women is the genesis of our training center created in 1985 in Lower Normandy, to support women who “wanted to get back to work”. This historical specificity breaks down in original and targeted actions, taking into account a population stigmatized in employment figures: Women make up the majority of jobseekers and in addition to that, young women hold the majority of part time and other precarious contracts. TRAJECTIO’s core business is defined in the founding principles of the training center: starting from the shared social postulate, identity through work remains the core of our principles of action and career guidance our field of intervention, which has expanded to cover all issues of change that can be encountered during a career path: