YouTuber James Bruton awarded Guinness World Record for tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human

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James Burton standing with 3D printed sculpture

41 year-old Bruton has been making things with his hands since he was a child, and was early in taking advantage of the increased accessibility of desktop 3D printing. Since 2004 he has been building robots of various kinds, posting his projects on his YouTube channel as well as the dedicated website Xrobots. He started implementing 3D printed parts into his robotics projects around five years ago. This 3D printed sculpture, completed in July of last year, is his crowning achievement so far.

PONToon team travel to Amiens

Charlie IcetonPONToon

pontoon Amiens event attendees

At the end of March 2018, members of the PONToon team from the University of Portsmouth travelled to our project partner Amiens Métropole for a cross-border workshop focusing on training and upskilling partners, ambassadors and beneficiaries.